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Email: beastttm1de@gmail.com

Business Number: 7323663486

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Hi my name is Will and Welcome to my Web-Sumes, the online Resume Maker

Want a web-sume like mine? Want an Online Business, Resume Webpage and Freelancing page in one for $10.00/month? Click the BioPad and click Hire to get one today!

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Do you have a certain skill that you think you can make money from freelancing ? Want to own your own online business? Want to increase your chances of getting that dream job? Stand out and get a Web-sume today! And if you refer 10 people to purchase a Web-sume, your monthly payment goes down to $0.99/month! Hey, my name is Wilkens Lavarin amd I am currently attending Fairleigh Dickinson University in Madison. I am majoring in Computer Science and a minor in Business. All around, I am a very easy-going and relatable person

I create websites and templates and sell them for a profit. I started at the age of 16, the same year I decided to become an entrepreneur. I am also in the process of creating a network marketing business. I created this Web-sumes for entreprenuers and small business who want to take things to the next level.


About Me

Hello again, my name is Wilkens Lavarin and I am a college student. I am majoring in Computer Science and a minor in Business. All around, I am a very easy-going and relatable person.


I grew up in Neptune so I went to Neptune High School. I graduated with a GPA of 3.5. I also ran track as a Neptune Flier. I I graduated in the class of 2014


I am currently a student at FDU, short for Fairleigh Dickinson University in Madison NJ. I came into college as a Pharmacy Major because of my parents but I knew that it was not for me so i decided to go with my passion, coding, and became a Software Developer.

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I've been creating Webpages for about 5 years now and I have come up with countless templates over the years. I have created webpages for funeral homes and I am currently creating a webpage for a hair salon.

I have created over 500+ Webpage Templates and I will soon release my greatest webpage yet. I have create a landing pages for entrepreneurs and network marketers to increase their sales.

I also have a degree in Computer Science so I know how to use languages like C#, C++ and Python. I have been coding in those languages for 3 years now.

Why Me?


If you purchase a websume today, I will give EVERY Customer a free landing page to create their email list. I will give customers the option to 16 template colors to choose from. I will also give the first 100 customers 25% of their websume. This section of this websume is constanly being updated so members can always get new features for their Websume.

3-Day of Modifying your Webpage!

If you do not like a feature on your webpage or you have a bug on your webpage that you would like to remove, I will work up to 72 hours for free to modify your webpage to your liking. Anything after 72 hours will require a payment.

Super Effective

Do you think anyone likes slow webpages? Of course not! Have any of you seen a webpage like this before? Of course not! This webpage is an attention grabber and that is a great attribute to have in a Resume/Personal webpage. I remove the process of loading a page by making single page websites. This will automatially double the amount of sales and traffic in your webpage. If you would like a Web-sume like mine for freelancing or network marketing purposes, click the BioPad and click Hire to get one today!